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Competition needs to be beat, but how?  Metro Ethernet is the cost effective solution that is leaving everyone’s competition light years behind.  Metro Ethernet allows you to easily connect all of your offices across the metropolitan area.  Idaho Ethernet is fast, secure and reliable.  The same adjectives that you need to use when describing your business to your clients.  All of the information is passed along a tightly secure connection that cannot be broken.  You will never go days without high speed Ethernet because we guarantee a 99.9 percent uptime.

We offer you the best Idaho Ethernet for the lowest prices.  If you are still using DSL or Cable, it is time to get out.  These services can be more costly and slower.  You can’t do business that way.  Metro Ethernet allows you to cut out the local telephone company and connect you directly to your ISP.  Why is this important?  Because you cut out all of the points of failure that can keep you paying and without Internet for days.  We also converge all of your applications like Internet, voice, video and other data on the same network.

Contact us today for more information about Idaho Ethernet and what we can do for you.  Our highly informative customer service representatives will offer you all of the information you need to make a well informed decision regarding Idaho Ethernet.  We will also provide you with a fast and free quote for metro Ethernet.  We are waiting by the phones to speak with you about Idaho Ethernet right now.

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